iPod Meets Grumpy Old iMac

This tickled me today…

Whatever I work on, I can’t help but go to the nth degree to make sure it’s right for the recipient — even if it’s an eBay listing!

40GB iPod Photo

I’ve been enjoying a bit of life laundry recently through eBay, the perfect method for recycling instead of disposing.

All those years ago, I was so excited to receive my very first iPod (above) for Christmas one year but the time was right for it to find a new home.

As you might imagine, I keep the boxes and original documents for most things — the makings of a good future eBay listing.

The lucky buyer of my iPod was very pleased, so much so that she took the time to write this glowing feedback, which I thought I would share with you (and with the buyer’s permission, of course):

“Just wanted to say many, many thanks for the iPod! Loved the listing, the perfect packaging, the “open other side” on the box — in fact, by the time I had sliced through all the sellotape with my scalpel it actually didn’t matter what was in the box!

“I knew the iPod and accessories would have every little piece of protective packaging in place and I wasn’t disappointed. The iPod is the perfect companion for my grumpy old iMac, they bonded immediately via Firewire and plan to live happily ever after. It is the 40th birthday present that I wanted but… yes, I am that old.

“eBay Feedback couldn’t possibly reflect all of this and maybe that’s a good thing, not everyone sees the world as we do.” — a happy eBayer

That kind of recognition for my efforts just makes my day, especially in the knowledge that a much-loved item has gone to a happy home…

Devon Cummings; Binx

My friend Julian Calverley pointed my in the direction of Mark Tucker’s blog at the back end of last year.

If you love the roots of photographic and analogue processes, such as these beautiful Wet Plates, then it’s certainly worth following Mark’s Journal & Notes

The Jazz Café, Newcastle’s Parisian Corner


Following on from my post last week, you are now among the first to be able to view Duncan Davis’ tribute to his old mate of 35 years, Keith Crombie.

Last Monday, Newcastle came to a standstill as Keith’s friends joined him on his last journey from Pink Lane, through the city centre — a tiny bit of which he transformed into his own corner of Paris, the Jazz Café.

Perched 130ft atop Grey’s Monument in the icy weather, I was honoured to be able to help Duncan film the extraordinary funeral procession.

So, it’s Sunday morning…time to pour your favourite hot beverage, take your seat at the Jazz Café and settle down to enjoy Duncan’s tribute to a Newcastle legend.

Hunter S. Thompson: The Edge


“The Edge… There is no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have gone over. The others — the living — are those who pushed their luck as far as they felt they could handle it, and then pulled back, or slowed down, or did whatever they had to when it came time to choose between Now and Later.” — Hunter S. Thompson

I know what he means and I expect many of you do too…

This fine short by Piotr Kabat came to me via the superb brain pickings.