The Lifeboat Station Project

At the start of 2015, I was at a crux in my life. First conceived in 2012, my major photographic mission — The Lifeboat Station Project — got underway.

Nearly six years on, I continue to use photography, audio, film and writing to make what I now consider to be my life’s work.

The Lifeboat Station Project by Jack Lowe

Using an early Victorian process known as wet collodion, I’m crafting unique handmade photographs on glass at all 238 RNLI lifeboat stations in the UK and Ireland.

Click here to learn much more about the project and see the work made so far.

The Lifeboat Station Project by Jack Lowe


The Lifeboat Station Project started in January 2015.

At some point on the journey, I’ll be coming to an RNLI Lifeboat Station near you!

Keep track of my movements on the Mission Map, Twitter and the project newsletter.

The Lifeboat Station Project by Jack Lowe
Neena in Walmer, September 2018

2 thoughts on “The Lifeboat Station Project

  1. Hello Jack it was great to meet you today.Thanks for sharing your portfolio.I love your project. Hope to see more of your lovely work soon . If was not such a poor photographer I would buy a print. All the best



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